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Legal warning

The holder of the intellectual and industrial property rights and the party responsible for managing and processing the file containing the data collected via this website is: PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L., with registered offices in Alcoi (Alicante), Spain, at Polígono Industrial Sur Santiago Payá, calle Filà Domingo Miques, 4, with a Corporate Tax CIF: CIF B-53000766, and entered in the Companies Registration Office of the city of Alicante in Volume, Folio, Sheet.

www.losdi.com is the website of PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L., by means of which it offers Internet users information about the company and the products that it manufactures and sells.

PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L. takes no responsibility for the improper use of the content of this website by users, and it reserves the right to take appropriate legal action for the reparation of damages caused by its inappropriate or illegal use.

PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L. reserves the right to deny access to this website, at any time and to any user, at its own discretion.

Intellectual and industrial property

The intellectual and industrial property rights to all of the content of this website, including brands and logotypes, are the exclusive property of PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L. except in those cases where another owner is expressly stated. Reproducing the content of this website, either fully or in part, by any means, is prohibited without express written authorization.


The exclusive purpose of the links on this website is to inform the user, in order to round out the content provided therein, and PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L. shall not be held liable for any faulty links or for the content of the other websites that they may be linked to.


The user shall be held solely liable for the infractions in which he or she may incur or for the damages he or she may cause by using this website.

Processing of personal data

As per what is stated in Organic Law 15/1999, the user is informed that his or her data shall be added to a data file belonging to PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L. in keeping with its corporate mission statement. The user authorizes PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L. to use his or her personal data for commercial purposes, and may be sent advertising related to its products and services.

Whatever the case, the user shall have the right to access, modify and/or cancel his or her data, doing so in writing to the following address: PRIMICIAS TÉCNICAS CARDI, S.L. Polígono Industrial Sur Santiago Payá, calle Filà Domingo Miques, 4, 03818 Alcoy (Alicante), Spain, or by email: comercial@losdi.com

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